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Biomethanol gift from LTU Green Fuels

Published: 7 September 2015

The university gasification plant LTU Green Fuels in Piteå has symbolically delivered a liter of bio-methanol in connection to OK Denmarks inauguration of Europe's first filling station for methanol. The opening ceremony recently took place in Danish Aalborg. In connection to that a seminar was held where Rikard Gebart, Professor of Energy Engineering at Luleå University of Technology, lectured on biomethanol

In connection with the inauguration in Aalborg, where OK in cooperation with a number of companies have opened Europe's first filling station for methanol, a fuel cell vehicles was shown by the company SerEnergy A/S. They are normally operated with hydrogen gas, but development has moved forward and now there is a variant that converts methanol. Fuel cells are extremely efficient and can drive electric motors with very high torque. This in turn means that the engine size can be scaled down to give low fuel consumption. In connection with the inauguration Serenergy could show a Fiat 500 with fuel cells that survived 800 kilometres on one tank.

- It is very interesting for us that our Danish colleagues have made great progress with fuel cells that use methanol as fuel. The new technology that is now demonstrated in Denmark combined with the methanol process that is demonstrated in our facility LTU Green Fuels mean that the conditions for a fossil-free transport system has been significantly improved, says Richard Gebart.

The green fuels developed from LTU Green Fuels is produced from raw materials originating from the forest and are produced from a by-product from the manufacture of wood pulp.


Producing green biofuels, including bio-methanol, represent a new potential for all Swedish pulp mills. Biomethanol is one of several products that can be produced in the University's pilot plant LTU Green Fuels. Another is green diesel BioDME that Volvo uses in modified trucks.

- When the automotive industry at present is developing engines that consume little fuel, it feels natural that we hand over a symbolic small container biomethanol from our facility and when OK at the same time has opened its first filling station for methanol, says Birgitta Marke, site manager at LTU Green Fuels.

Rikard Gebart

Rikard Gebart, Professor Emeritus

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