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Artiklar, rapporter, m.m.

Publications materialvetenskap

Article in journal

A phase conversion method to anchor ZIF-8 onto a PAN nanofiber surface for CO2 capture (2022)

Li. Z, Cao. Z, Grande. C, Zhang. W, Dou. Y, Li. X, et al.
RSC Advances, Vol. 12, nr. 2, s. 664-670
Article, review/survey

A review on activated carbon modifications for the treatment of wastewater containing anionic dyes (2022)

Azam. K, Shezad. N, Shafiq. I, Akhter. P, Akhtar. F, Jamil. F, et al.
Part of: Chemosphere
Article in journal

Ab initio aided design of novel quaternary, quinary and senary high-entropy borocarbides (2022)

Hedman. D, Feltrin. A, Miyamoto. Y, Akhtar. F
Journal of Materials Science, Vol. 57, nr. 1, s. 422-443
Article in journal

Accurate First-Principles Evaluation of Structural, Electronic, Optical and Photocatalytic Properties of BaHfO3 and SrHfO3 Perovskites (2022)

Ahmed. S, Zulfiqar. W, Javed. F, Arshad. H, Abbas. G, Laref. A, et al.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Vol. 892
Article in journal

An investigation on microstructure and mechanical properties of 316 stainless steel: a comparison between ultrasonic treatment and thermal annealing (2022)

Zohrevand. M, Aghaie-Khafri. M, Forouzan. F, Vuorinen. E
Philosophical Magazine, Vol. 102, nr. 14, s. 1321-1343
Article in journal

Biopolymer Blends of Poly(lactic acid) and Poly(hydroxybutyrate) and Their Functionalization with Glycerol Triacetate and Chitin Nanocrystals for Food Packaging Applications (2022)

Patel. M, Hansson. F, Pitkänen. O, Geng. S, Oksman. K
ACS Applied Polymer Materials, Vol. 4, nr. 9, s. 6592-6601
Article in journal

Biosynthesized δ-Bi2O3 Nanoparticles from Crinum viviparum Flower Extract for Photocatalytic Dye Degradation and Molecular Docking (2022)

Chouke. P, Dadure. K, Potbhare. A, Bhusari. G, Mondal. A, Chaudhary. K, et al.
ACS Omega, Vol. 7, nr. 24, s. 20983-20993
Article in journal

Ceria Boosting on In Situ Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Oxide for Efficient Bifunctional ORR/OER Activity (2022)

Lellala. K, Byrappa. K
Frontiers in Chemistry, Vol. 10
Conference paper

Characterization of Spark Plasma Sintered Graphene-Coated Stainless-Steel Compacts (2022)

Akinwekomi. A, Akhtar. F, Taher. M
Paper presented at : 11th EEIGM International Conference on Advanced Materials Research, EEBE UPC, Barcelona, Spain
Article in journal

Chemical and molecular structure transformations in atomistic conformation of cellulose nanofibers under thermal environment (2022)

Pakharenko. V, Dias. O, Mukherjee. S, Konar. S, Singh. C, Oksman. K, et al.
npj Materials Degradation, Vol. 6