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Publicerad: 22 april 2006

Laser lab

1 fiber laser 15 kW with 0,2 mm fiber

3 Nd:YAG lasers: 4 kW, 250 W,
200 W (diode pumped, Q-switched, 2/4HG) 

2 CO2-lasers: 6 kW, TEA (80 W, 4 J), 

1 Excimer laser

5 workcells: industrial robot, gantry robot,
3 linear systems

Ancillary equipment: MIG-source, powder delivery,
fibre optics, seam tracking, beam measurement, etc.

CyberLab (remote facilities accessed by web-conference):
1 disc laser 4 kW (Oulu U, FIN), 1 hybrid welding lab with 4 kW Nd:YAG laser (ESAB, Gothenborg, S)

Supporting software:
Analytical mathematical models of all laser processes
FEA (heat conduction, stress formation, fluid flow):

Robot Lab

2 flexible manufacturing cells

2 materials handling robots

2 SCARA robots

CNC mill and lathe

Robot / vision system


Cell status monitoring

Erichsen press

Supporting software:
Robotics simulation: I-GRIP
Discrete event simulation: Extend, Simul8, Enterprise dynamics
FEA: LS-DYNA, Pamstamp