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Division of Product and Production Development

In order to increase the competitiveness continuous development of products and services are required. The market requires faster development processes and product and services of higher quality at the same time as the ecological impact must be reduced.

To meet these needs, research and education related to product and production development is required which hence is the focus of our division. The division includes the two research topics Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. Research within these two topics is complementary and jointly contributes to solutions for future product development. Research in the division is on-demand driven with the result that we can manage multi-disciplinary issues with both theoretical and practical challenges.

Our courses are in line with the research at the division and relates to areas such as product development, production development, manufacturing technology, CAD, CAM, Dynamics, Hydraulics and Automation. In the course SIRIUS-Creative Product Development, the two research topic core subjects of product and production development are merged. Here, students on behalf of industrial enterprises carry out product development projects during three out of four quarters. In addition to providing students with a unique way of learning, the course has over the years resulted in patents and a range of solutions that are implemented in commercial products today.