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Pulsed diode laser light source Cavitar HF

Publicerad: 6 oktober 2009

This light source can deliver 2 μs light pulses at 10 kHz frequency or 100 ns light pulses at 200 kHz frequency. The wavelength is 810 nm and the light can be launched in a fibre optic cable and optics to create a suitable illumination spot. The laser is easy to synchronise with a high-speed camera.


 Possible applications are Schlieren photography and high-speed imaging of welding. In welding applications the very strong processing light can be filtered out nearly completely by using an interference filter of 810 nm in combination with matching the exposure time of the camera with the pulse time of the laser. The equipment is used in a Vinnova-financed project called DATLAS, in co-operation with the division of Manufacturing Systems Engineering, LTU.   The figure shows a high-speed image of hybrid welding (laser + MAG). The arc, weld pool and droplet formation can be studied with this equipment.