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Wood Science and Engineering

At the Division of Wood Science and Engineering, we start with the needs of the wood processing industry and carry out research and provide education relating to the whole wood value chain from the final wood product all the way back to the forest. Wood Science and Engineering at Luleå University of Technology in Skellefteå is the Swedish centre for wood technology research and education. Here are also SP (The Technical Research Institute of Sweden), Träbransch Norr and Wood Center North located.

Our research is oriented towards those processes which make possible Better and Cheaper Buildings and Housing with wood, where the Swedish wood processing industry is a natural leader in sustainable development. The research has an applied character, but is also in many respects well anchored in theory, and this makes it interesting for academia as well as for company managers within e.g. the forestry, sawmill and wood processing industries, as well as for the individual consumer.


A few specific spheres of interest are:

•      Customer preferences and market influence for existing and new products

•      The development of products and materials

•      Visualization, metrology and modelling

•      The sawmill process

•      Further refinement processes

•      Wood mechanics and wood infrastructure


We provide wood technology education at an advanced level in Skellefteå. The student projects have a strong coupling between education, research and industry, and many projects have received great attention, even internationally. We also support the development of wood technology education which is currently taking place in Moçambique. Tailored education for e.g. the industry is being provided in cooperation with Träbransch Norr and SP.