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Composites seminar 2019 @ LTU

16 okt. 2019, 10:00 - 12:00
Luleå, E206
Publicerad: 3 oktober 2019

Welcome to a seminar during which some of the ongoing research in the area of composite materials at LTU will be presented and discussed. The intention with the seminar is to facilitate technical and scientific interactions between researchers and PhD- students active in research with direct relevance for design and manufacturing of lightweight composites materials and structures.

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The ambition is to arrange one or a few more seminars (one or two) during the fall of 2019.

-        Stephanie Nunez, LTU, Polymer Composites
-        Title: Vacuum infusion processing of aramid/epoxy composites and performance analysis on various impact loads
-        Gustaf Alnersson, LTU, Fluid Mechanics
-        Title: Numerical Study of the 3D-flow characteristics during compression moulding of SMC
-        Shiyu Gen, LTU, Wood and bio-nanocomposites
-        Title: Aligned poly(lactic-acid)-based nanocomposites reinforced with in-situ dispersed cellulose nanocrystals
-        David Mattsson (to be confirmed), RISE SICOMP
-        Title: Update on high-volume composites manufacturing test-bed
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Patrik Fernberg

Patrik Fernberg, Professor

Telefon: 0920-492883
Organisation: Polymera kompositmaterial, Materialvetenskap, Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik