A taste of life at the university

Published: 12 March 2020

The engineers, teachers and nurses of the future visited Luleå University of Technology during the week to get a chance to participate in mini-courses for two days while getting acquainted with student life.

Students from all over the country were in place, and the range of the 20 courses they had to choose from was great – from "The brain and artificial intelligence" to "Understanding fire" and "Health, activity and function".

Practical work

One of the students on the course "The material of the future" was Filip Johansson from Vallentuna north of Stockholm. The first stop of the mini-course was made in a lab where doctoral student Simon Jonasson together with Oisik Das, assistant lecturer, showed various forms of materials, including refined wood and composites. Perhaps most astonishing for the students was a plastic film made of shrimp and milk. After trying to look more closely at the surface of wood with the aid of an optical microscope, Filip Johansson and the rest of the group proceeded to look closer at the surface of an aluminum piece with an electron microscope.
– Very interesting to see what they do here at the university and get a little insight into what student life can be like. It feels homely here and everyone is very helpful, says Filip Johansson.
He thought the best thing about the mini-course was to actually get a chance to try things out in practical terms, not just sit and listen to lectures.

Added flavor

Mustafa Hamidi, Uppsala, Linus Selberg, Kiruna and Abdullahi Ukash, Hällefors, had all chosen the course "Future energy", and with the rest of the group began the day with a theoretical review on the topic of sustainable energy technology. After that, more practical work was expected when exploring running water to calculate what the flow looked like. Supervisor was Hanna Bäck, who studies fourth year at the master programme in sustainable energy engineering. All the students agreed that the mini-courses provided added flavor.
– Really educational. Good to experience the student life and get a hunch of how it works. I am very into energy technology myself, I am passionate about environmental issues. We'll see if I choose a bachelor or master programme, says Abdullahi Ukash, Hällefors.

In addition to the mini-courses, the students got to take part in a tour of the university area, try out the student life with a dinner and visit a fair with the opportunity to learn more about the educational offerings.