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Biocomposites, 5hp, TVM0016

Publicerad: 20 augusti 2021

COURSE SYLLABUS, third-cycle courses

COURSE SYLLABUS, third-cycle courses

Course name: Biocomposites: Relationship between Processing, Structure and Properties


Course code: TVM0016

Educational level: third-cycle course

Entry requirements: Knowledge of advanced materials science, polymeric materials, or equivalent.

Course content: Topics covered during the course are, Historical insight to wood polymer composites (WPCs), Raw materials used in biocomposites, Basics concepts for fiber composites, Basic concepts for natural fiber biocomposites and nanocomposites, Basics of composite micromechanics (mechanical properties). Important parameters for biocomposites microstructural characterization, mechanical testing, data reduction, analysis of results. Principles of processing using thermoset and thermoplastic polymers including vacuum assisted resin impregnation, compounding of biocomposites, compression molding, injection molding. Processing of industrial composite products. Interface, interphase and moisture effects. Biocomposite properties and product design. Cellulose nanomaterials and  their processing: orientation of latest research developments and scientific challenges and applications.

Learning objectives and outcomes: The course contributes to enhancing broad knowledge and systematic understanding of biocomposite materials. It will give insight to their history, use, raw materials, processing methods and important properties as well as state-of-the-art research methodologies. Students will thereby gain skills in assessing new and complex materials and how these are produced and how the process will affect the composite structure and properties. The students are expected to be able to critically discuss the particular the research and  and its challenges and development.

Course methods:Lectures, groupworks, laboratory, seminars, study visits to some important industries. Canvas is used as learning platform and lecture notes, group exercises, presentations, lab demonstrations, reporting, virtual study visits at Tetrapack, RISE SICOMP, ABB, Podcomp, Stora Enso are available in Canvas.

Examination form: Oral presentations of group works and laboratory report.

Grading scale: Pass/Fail

Course literature: Wood Handbook, Chapter 10, FPL, (1999), Wood fiber thermoplastic composites; Processing, Properties and future developments, Chapter 21, K. Oksman and M. Bengtsson, in Engineering Biopolymers, (2007), Handbook of Green Materials (2014) https://www-dawsonera-com.proxy.lib.ltu.se/abstract/9789814566469, and  some copied materials.

Education cycle: LP1, 2021

Course is given periodically: Yes, every second year

Send application to: Kristiina Oksman, kristiina.oksman@ltu.se

Doctoral student enter name, civic registration number, e-mail, Division and Department in the application or apply from Treesearch online application.

Deadline for application: 2021-08-23

Course open for application by doctoral students admitted to other universities than LTU: Yes.

Limited number of students: -

Tuition: The course is free of charge for doctoral students admitted at LTU, WWSC,  B4E and Treeseach  research schools.

Contact person: Kristiina Oksman, kristiina.oksman@ltu.se +46 920 49 3371 or +46 70 358 5371

Examiner: Professor Kristiina Oksman

Course syllabus decided by: Lars-Göran Westerberg

Date of decision: 2021-08-18