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Chemical analysis for tribology researches

Published: 13 November 2017

4 credits, 14-17 May 2017 in Luleå
The course is part of the Swedish research school in tribology

Course plan

Title: Chemical analysis for tribology researches

Credits: 4 hp

Course period: From 13:00 on Monday 14 to 12:00 on Thursday 17 May, 2018

Venue: TriboLab conference room (LTU Luleå campus)

Objectives: This course provides the principles and methodologies of chemical analysis, especially utilizable for tribology research. The targets of analysis are solid and liquid forms. Participants will acquire fundamental knowledge in chemical analysis and protocol to acquire the evidences for tribological discussion in logical ways. The curriculum is considered for tribologists who were not majoring in chemistry during (under)graduate education.

Contents: This  course  starts  with  overviewing  different  chemical  analysis.  Every chemical analysis is to detect elements in a certain chemical state and form. Each analytical technique has pros and cons and therefore a sophisticated combination of multiple tools that complement each other is necessary. Hypothetical consideration prior to experiments and choosing proper tools are essential for successful work. In addition, particular problems with tribological samples and guidance of dealing samples will be given.

Principles and categories of chemical analysis
Acronyms in analytical chemistry
Surface analysis: with focus on boundary lubrication

Spatial and chemical resolutions
SIMS, FT-IR, Raman spectroscopy

Liquid analysis: with focus on quality control and maintenance of liquid lubricants

Titrations, elemental analysis
in lubro (in situ, on site) analysis
Sample preparation and dealing with

Teaching: Lectures and exercise in literature survey.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge in tribology and lubrication engineering.

Examination: Exercise in extraction of key points from publications (30%) and report on lubricant design (70%, deadline is 22 June, 2018).

Grading: Pass or Fail

Examiner: Ichiro Minami, Professor, RSC Fellow, STLE Fellow.

Application to: forskarskolan-i-tribologi/Kontakt/Anmalan-till-kurs-som-ges-av- Forskarskolan-i-Tribologi-1.97664?l=en

Deadline is 1 May but maximum capacity of 15 participants.

Literature: Handout will be provided to attendee.

Laptop PC with internet access is required for exercise. Recommended web-search engine is SciFinder.

Remarks: This is a part of the serial course on “chemistry in tribology research” given annually for PhD students and industrial researchers. The next course will be “tribo-chemistry” in May 2019. The previous courses were “lubricant chemistry” (in 2016), “Green chemistry for tribologists” (in 2017).