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Green chemistry for tribologists

Publicerad: 26 april 2017

Title: Green chemistry for tribologists

Credits: 4 hp

Course period: From 13:00 on 15 May to 16:00 on 18 May, 2017

Venue: TriboLab conference room (LTU Luleå campus)

Objectives: This course provides the principles and methodologies of green chemistry for tribologists to develop advanced tribology devices. Participants will acquire fundamental knowledge and algorism in green chemistry to consider tribo-systems for sustainable society. The curriculum is considered for tribologists who were not majoring in chemistry during (under)graduate education.

Contents: This course starts with overviewing environmental issue in different aspects. We will find the term “green” frequently but unclearly defined. The importance of terminology in environmental protection will be pointed out. It follows brief history of green chemistry since 1991. The specific subjects are below. The relation of each topic to tribology applications will be discussed. Participants will learn how to acquire the correct knowledge from oversupplied information.

1. Principles of green chemistry

2. Biodegradability

3. Toxicity and bioaccumulation

4. Renewable resources

5. Standard test and regulations

6. Maintenance

7. R&D direction

Teaching: Lectures and exercise in literature survey.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge in tribology and lubrication engineering.

Examination: Exercise in extraction of key points from publications (30%) and report on lubricant design (70%, deadline is 23 June).

Grading: Pass or Fail

Examiner: Ichiro Minami, Professor

Application to: Ichiro Minami, ichiro.minami@ltu.se. Deadline is 10 May but maximum capacity of 15 participants.

Literature: Handout will be provided to attendee. Laptop PC with internet access is required for excrcise. Recommended web-search engine is SciFinder (Database on chemistry organized by The American Chemical Society).

Remarks: This is a part of the course on “chemistry in tribology research” given annually for PhD students and industrial researchers. The next course will be “chemical analysis in tribology research” in May 2018. The previous courses were “tribo-chemistry” (in 2015) and “lubricant chemistry” (in 2016).