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Numerical Methods and Computational Fluid Dynamics

Publicerad: 9 januari 2017


Title: Numerical methods and Computational Fluid Dynamics

Points: 7,5 hp

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of fluid mechanics. Basic numerical methods and Matlab programming.

Examiner: Hans Åkerstedt, Professor

Division of Fluid and Experimental Mechanics

hans.akerstedt@ltu.se +46 920 49 1280

Objectives: After completing the course the student should have

- A knowledge about numerical techniques used in fluid dynamics such as Finite volume methods (FVM), Finite difference methods (FDM), Finite element methods (FEM) and Spectral methods.

- Skills to implement the methods and develop a MATLAB code for a realistic fluid dynamic problem

- A knowledge in using commercial CFD codes

Contents: The course is divided into

  1. Numerical methods

Review of numerical methods of special importance in CFD such as solution of linear algebraic equations , numerical differentiation-finite differences and numerical solution of ordinary differential equations.

  1. Computational fluid dynamics

Numerical solution of partial differential equations using finite differences. Fundamentals of the finite element method. Finite volume methodology.

  1. Commercial codes Ansys-CFX, Comsol.

Teaching: Lectures

Examination: Report on the assignments. Oral presentation of assignment.

Literature: Fundamental of Engineering Numerical Analysis, 2nd Edition, P. Moin, Cambridge University Press.

Computational Fluid Dynamics: The Finite Volume Method”, 2nd Edition, H.K. Versteeg, W. Malalasekara, Pearson Education Limited.

Time: Preliminary start of numerical part 170124. Meetings once a week 5 occasions

The CFD part will be concentrated to week 13/3-17/3  2017.