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Viskös strömning

Publicerad: 5 oktober 2018

12 hp, oktober 2018 – februari 2019 i Luleå.


Name: Viscous flow (Viskös strömning)

Number of points: 12 p

Examiner: Professor Staffan Lundström

Goal for the learning: You should master the theory and physics of viscous flow and understand the strength and weaknesses of analytical modelling. You should also be equipped with a pallet of methods that can be used to solve problems within fluid dynamics as well as having knowledge of a relatively large number of cases that can be solved with these methods and be ready to break-down complex fluid mechanical problems into generic cases, solve them  and draw conclusions on the complex problem from the results. You shall also be able to relate the content in the course to the own research.

Content: (following the Chapters in Batchelor, G.K.):

  1. Steady and unsteady unidirectional flow (Batchelor 4.1- 4.3)
  2. Axisymmetrical flow
  3. Creeping flow: Lubrications theory Hele-shaw cell, Porous media, Flow in corners, Flow around spheres and drops including capillary, Elementary solutions (Stokeslets and rotlets), Ossens approximation, Viscosity of suspensions,
  4. Flow at large Reynolds number in boundary layers: Wedges, Wakes, Near surfaces, Free streams, Separation (Batchelor 5)
  5. Vorticity: Instationary effects, Free surfaces, Oscillating boundaries, Wings, Bubbles, Vortex rings, Swirl.
  6. Applications (Biology, lubrications, rheology)
  7. Demos (Falling sphere, Falling paper, air ejector (luftkudde))

Implementation: The course will be in the form of seminars where you make presentations of the contents. Solutions to problems should be presented. The presentations and solutions are discussed in plenum with senior staff from Fluid mechanics. Demos should be carried out

Examination form: You are judged from the presentations of the literature content at each seminar including homework problems as well as how active you are in the discussions.

Grades: G/U

Literature: Batchelor, An Introduction to fluid dynamics, G. K. Batchelor. ISBN-13: 978-0521663960 ISBN-10: 0521663962, Viscous flow, Shermann

Time: October 2018 – February 2019

Apply to: Staffan Lundström staffan.lundstrom@ltu.se

At latest: 19th of October 2018 Contact person: Staffan Lundström Fee: -