Attract - Attractive and sustainable cities in cold climates

Sustainable building includes social, economic, ecological and technical aspects. Within the interdisciplinary research project Attract integrate all these aspects in order to achieve attractive and sustainable housing in cold climates. The two-year research project includes a budget of over 23 million SEK, and mainly financed by Vinnova, HLRC and the participating companies.

Within Attract developed several sectoral goods and services, in collaboration between businesses, LTU, Gällivare and Kiruna and with new methods of citizen participation. Vinnova funded project with 10 million and HLRC (LKAB) is funding the project with 7 million. Including corporate financing, total project budget to just over 23 million.

Output from two prospective blocks in Gällivare and Kiruna, addressing the parties needs of current attractive housing in cold climates such as:

  • to produce attractive low-energy industrial fulfilling the EU directive "almost zero energy homes" despite subarctic (cold) climate
  • to energy supply sustainable buildings, with a combination of remote and locally produced electricity and heat (solar, wind, biomass, etc.)
  • to develop and integrate new sustainable technologies with existing systems
  • To design an attractive outdoor environment in the city that sustainable can handle snow, snowmelt and heavy rainfall
  • To design the outdoor environment so that they encourage neighboring community despite the cold climate
12:00 30 May
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Final Conference for Attract coming up

30 - 31 May. 2018, 12:00
Kiruna, Scandic Ferrum
Published: 16 April 2018

The final conference for Attract will be held 30-31 May lunch-to-lunch at Scandic Ferrum, Kiruna. During the conference, a series of results will be presented in the project.

Among the program items can be mentioned:

  • How snow can become an asset in urban planning in cold climate
  • Innovative district heating and district heating in cold climate
  • Visualization of a city's social sustainability

We want as many as possible to participate in the final conference, ie. both all who have been involved in the project, as well as other interested. Then please invite the invitation to your network and register directly via the link below.

Participation in the conference is free and it includes lunch both days, dinner and coffee. However, in order to know how many people are coming, any dietary requirements, etc, you need to sign up by May 4 via the following link:

One tip - there is often a shortage of hotel rooms in Kiruna, so do not wait too long to book your accommodation!


Warm welcome to the Attract end conference!

Lena Goldkuhl

Lena Goldkuhl, Project Coordinator, PhD

Phone: +46 (0)920 492893
Organisation: Urban Water Engineering, Architecture and Water, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering