Published: 27 March 2013

DARE project was formed in 2007 with the aim to increase support for innovation and entrepreneurial culture in the universities of Umeå and Luleå. Since then, the project participants come to many interesting results, and the spring of 2013, therefore, organized four knowledge seminars to share experiences and lessons learned. Seminar Day on March 18 was the second in the order, and was held at the Hotel Birch in connection with Umeå University. Participants discussed: how we sharpen future innovation and increase personal mobility between academia and industry?


Rudolf Danielsson, project DARE, gave the opening speech and then talked Annika Wikström from Uminova Innovation and Pär Johansson at Centek on interaction ambassadors' role. Collaboration Ambassadors in both Luleå and Umeå, but universities are using them in various ways. In Umeå called research ambassadors and consists of staff employed in the institutions. These help to intercept graduate or student ideas that can be commercialized. In Luleå has employed people at the university who work several percentage so-called commercialization ambassadors.

- To find good ideas, you have to reach those working and researching in the institutions. Whichever model you use, it is a success for the DARE project that universities have taken this step, says Rudolf Danielsson.


Then discussed researcher mobility to an external party. Helena Pettersson from Umeå University and Mats Westerberg from Luleå Technical University, gave lectures and then Richard Pettersson at Umeå University spoke about their participation in the pilot project operated within DARE to stimulate mutual exchange between academia and external organization. Richard has been able to in 20 percent of their service for a year attends Västerbotten Museum, while a person from co-opted into the Department of Culture and Media Studies and contribute to research and teaching with his knowledge of the industry.

- There are a number of academic researchers and talented people in the business, to get them to periodically change places contributes to utilization and innovation, says Mats Falck is assistant project manager and continues:

- The idea is that it should be qualified to have worked in the industry when looking for a research position. The project will also contribute to it can be designed a system to bytlåna skills between universities and society.


Personal Mobility then discussed in a moderated panel discussion where the speakers and Agneta Marell, vice provost for collaboration and innovation at Umeå University, and Kenneth Bodin at Algoryx included.

After a lunch break talking Maria Olofsson and Annika Wikström from Uminova Innovation on how they match skills to sharpen innovations.

- When an ambassador has found an idea must be refined. Then Uminova Innovation helping to connect the skills idéskaparen himself does not have. It does not only concern to sharpen the idea, but it can also be about which business type to choose and how to work with management and the board, says Rudolf Danielsson. He is pleased with the day and is convinced that the DARE project work provides a ripple effect.

- It's a new era now than when the project started. 2007 spoke not as much about innovation and entrepreneurship as they do today, and now is an incredible development. Then it's good that we have already worked with many of the pieces of the puzzle that we need in the future.

Upcoming seminar held on 17 april at Luleå University, May 2 at Umeå University and 20 May at Luleå University.