NÄXT network met

Published: 12 December 2012

As an activity within the focus area The collaborative university operates Unit for industry and society at Umeå University since spring 2012 NÄXT network - the network for external collaboration in education.

The latest NÄXT-meeting was held on 21 november. A running theme of the session is to show a so-called full case story, where all three parties to a completed collaboration, students, principals and department, talks about the process. At the last meeting, participants listen to a successful partnership from the Department of Culture and Media Studies, where a former student, the principal and a teacher told me about a practice that has led to employment.

Vice Rector for Education, Anders Fällström, also participated to discuss and sort out the concept of "external degree". From 2013, the number of external theses to be one of the criteria for allocation of funds to the undergraduate programs at Umeå University. This is likely to lead to an increased interest in external thesis, but it has not been easy to understand how the term should be interpreted. Anders Fällström did a good job of explaining how the university management has thought about this, and also opened the faculties themselves to choose how to interpret the term.

Participants at the meeting

The purpose of NÄXT is that through experience sharing ideas and insights that help participants develop the students' external cooperation in various fields. The network will meet and exchange experiences 1-2 times per semester. So far, three hits performed.