New lessons from the International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference

Published: 13 December 2012

In september participated Mats Westerberg, Vinit Parida, Daniel Örtqvist, Kaarin Kivimäki and David Rönnberg Sjodin, the conference IEEC - International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference. The purpose of the visit was to interact with international entrepreneurship teachers including how to create an entrepreneurial university in a non-metropolitan region Umeå and Luleå

Mats Westerberg and Vinit Parida also held a workshop on the subject of 10-15 participants. "We learned a lot of the other teachers and even got the opportunity to meet people in the European Enterprise Network Educator program where Mats Westerberg and I are active," says Vinit Parida.

The conference included many interesting presentations on topics such as women's entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, how to promote entrepreneurship through partnerships with regional, national and international actors, best practices, partnerships in business and more.