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The study sites in Romania provide two different types of tailings, one from a copper ore and another from a polymetallic ore containing Zn, Cu, Pb, Au and Ag.

  • The Sasca Montana tailings management facility belongs to the former mine Sasca Montana. It has a stored volume of up to 2.22 million m3 and occupies an area of about 7.83 hectares. The estimated content of copper is 0.14-0.15%. These tailings have resulted from the processing of a copper ore (with chalcopyrite, bornite, and chalcocite) that also contained Au and Ag. These tailings are further characterized by having a high content of fine clay fraction.
  • The Sasar tailings management facility belongs to the former mine of Valea Rosie (located in the Baia Mare county), and has a stored volume of up to 8.5 million cubic meters and covers an area of about 3.25 hectares. It resulted from the processing of a polymetallic ore. From the existing data with respect to the processed ores in both study areas, trace elements such as Cd, Ga, Bi, Sn, Se, Ge, Te and Ta may exist.

The 3th REMinE project meeting took place in Baia Mare, Romania

Published: 17 June 2018

The third meeting of the Steering Committee of the REMinE Project " Improve Resource Efficiency and Minimize Environmental Footprint " took place on 05.06.2018 in Baia Mare, Romania.

The meeting was attended by the project leaders from the implementing countries Sweden, Portugal and Romania, as well as by project team members.

Presentations were delivered regarding the established goals and expected results of the Project. Additionally, the partnership discussed the project management and further stages. The next project meeting will take place in Sweden (June 2019)

A field visit to the Sasar Red Valley Tailings Management Facility in Baia Mare was conducted in 6th June, 2018. Participants: Lena Alakangas, Lina Hällström, Jane Mulenshi Olof Martinsson, Jan Rosenkranz, Antonio Fiuza, Marius Zlagnean, Antoneta Filcenco Olteanu.