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New Giron

The project ended in December 2011

Good Infrastructure for Regional Transformation and Industrial development

 New Giron is an EU funded research and development for a sustainable society with specific focus on social transformation in Kiruna. The project focuses on infrastructure and buildings, where tanks a good life, sustainable growth and attractive living environments are included.

In the process of urban regeneration has Kiruna a vision to create a new urban pattern similar to the city's founder Hjalmar Lundbohm. New Giron has that intention, together with the municipality and its residents to develop solutions which environmentally friendly technologies integrate with social processes for new buildings and infrastructure. Together we create a sustainable town where residents thrive and the industry has an opportunity to thrive.

The project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between six research at Luleå University of Technology, Architecture, Construction Management, Energy, Industrial Work Environment, The City's water / wastewater technology and wood construction.
Welcome! Maria Viklander, Project New Giron


European Regional Development Fund

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) aims to reduce regional imbalances within the EU. ERDF funding interventions in infrastructure, employment, local and regional development. The overall goal of the program is to contribute to sustainable growth by strengthening regional competitiveness and strengthen the region's position as an innovative and successful region in Europe.

Innovative Society Transformation

Published: 11 November 2011

- Conference on the relocation of Kiruna, the 30/11-1/12 at the Ice Hotel!

The Conference "Innovative Cociety Transformation" will be held on 30 November and 1 December at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Kiruna. The conference is primarily aimed at community builders and planners at all levels, ie, consultants, officers, politicians, etc. The purpose of the conference is to communicate the latest findings in the field of innovative social transformation. The conference is at the end of the reporting of the major research project New Giron, who addressed a range of challenges Kiruna - with the move of the city - are facing.

  • Sustainable urban development in an international perspective? Ulf Ranhagen, Professor of Urban Planning, Sweco
  • How does the passive house in cold climate?
  • Snowpower! Sweden is characterized by long periods of cold weather. How can cities be designed so that the winter is to be as attractive resource pre-only, leisure and movement?

The conference starts at 8:30 on 30 November and ends with lunch on December 1. The first day is devoted to lectures and other days of workshops.

Are you interested in participating, please contact Angelica Nilson at Luleå University either through mail angelica.nilsson @ or telephone 0920-49 13:47 no later than 21 November 2011.

A warm welcome to Kiruna!