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Publicerad: 15 september 2021

Mecenat is a nationwide company that works to collect all student discounts to make your life as a student a little easier. As a member, you get access to national discounts (such as e.g. student price at SJ, SL) once you get your Mecenat card.

Mecenat memberships are usually updated every semester, but PhD students membership covers a whole academic year at a time. This difference leads to errors in the first edition and renewal of Mecenat cards for some PhD students.

If you experience problems with getting or renewing your Mecenat card:
You have to manually ask for and renew your Mecenat card every semester by contacting Mecenat and Teknologkåren.


💳 How to get my Mecenat card?

1. Be sure to be a member of Teknologkåren (🔗Membership)
2. Get the basic Mecenat card:
By sending to Mecenat kundtjanst@mecenat.com your certificate of registration generated in Ladok including the "Study activity" 📑  (procedure below)
*gives rights to basic national discounts, also applies to non members
3. Get the Teknologkåren Mecenat card:

By sending to Teknologkåren kansliet kansli@teknologkaren.se your certificate of registration from Ladok including the "Study activity" 📑 (procedure below)
*gives rights to full national discounts and official card at LTU (Stuk, etc.)
4. In a few days you will receive an electronic version of the card via the Mecenat app (login with your Personnummer) or apply every semester for a physical card via Mecenat 's "I want a physical card" page.
🎁 You can find the list of all benefits you are elligible to in their app and on their website.



📑 How to generate a Ladok certificate with my Study activity?

1. Go to your Ladok account
2. Go to the creation page for your certificate of registration / Intyg (Transcripts and certificates > Create)
3. Select BOTH the options:
⏺ All registrations arranged by programme (or equivalent) / Alla registreringar ordnade efter program (eller motsvarande))
✅ Study activity and study funding
4. Create your certificate, you can find study activity on the last page of the certificate (see example below)


Who is in charge of the Mecenat card and discounts?

Teknologkåren is in charge, we do not have access to this system. Contact them directly via kansli@teknologkaren.se in order to keep all your benefits!
Teknologkåren is currently working on a solution with their system host to make this update automatic. More information will come once they have it sorted out.