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Engage in activities

If you want to arrange an activity for doctoral students at your department or for doctoral students at the entire Luleå University of Technology, contact your department representative.

Another way to get involved is to attend section meetings. These are usually at the beginning of each semester. If you want to get information about upcoming activities, make sure you are on the doctoral student mailing list for your department and LTU, as well as a member of the Facebook groups "PhD Students Association at LTU" and "Meet your Peers @ LTU".

Become elected

The PhD Student Association appoints its own representatives to decision-making and preparatory bodies within Luleå University of Technology. In most cases this is governed by a decision stating that a certain number of student representatives should be postgraduate students.

Description of assignements in the PhD Student Association

Below, the different assignments in the PhD Student Association are described and the time compensation each assignment constitutes in the form of departmental duties is presented. Each assignment also includes handing over the assignment to its replacement and acquainting himself with the ongoing work on handover.

§ 1.1 Chairman / Representative in the US
The Chairman is the convenor of the doctoral student section's board of directors. As representat in the US the one participate in 5 days (all day) / year. The Chairman participate every month in "kårlunch", prepare meetings and diverse tasks and appointments. Time compensation is 15% and 5% on the University board.

§ 1.2 Vice Chair
The Vice Chair acts in the stead of the Chairperson when the latter is unavailable while seeing to the overall protocal of the board. They participate every month in board meetings, arranges meetings and diverse tasks and appointments. Time compensation is 10%.

§ 1.3 Secretary
Attend the PhD Student Association meeting, section meeting (1/term) and annual meeting, responsible for the protocol, for them to be signed and uploaded to the PhD Student Associations website and Box. Updates the website with information. Time compensation is 5%.

§ 1.4 Faculty Boards (“TFN”/”FFN”)
The governance of education and research process includes two faculty boards: 1) the board of the Faculty of Science and Technology (“TFN”) for the field of technical education and research, and 2) the board of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (“FFN”) for the field of education and research within business administration and social science, health science, arts, teaching and humanities.

The Faculty board has overall responsibility for postgraduate education regarding quality, efficiency, organization, study plans and supervision, as well as for the coordination of courses and education of PhD supervisors. In addition, the Faculty Boards have a general oversight responsibility for postgraduate education. The main tasks of the Faculty Boards are strategic planning, follow-up, and evaluation.

The Faculty Boards shall serve as strategy-, analysis, and evaluation groups to the Vice Chancellor/University Board and institutions on matters relating to undergraduate education, postgraduate education, research orientation and quality, external relations and internationalization issues. The Faculty Boards submit proposals to the Vice Chancellor and the University Board and have decision-making power according to university policy, as well as by delegation from the Vice Chancellor.

Meetings one full-day meeting per month, including preparations for the board and section meetings. Time compensation is 10%.

§ 1.5 PhD Student representative from TFN and FFN in FoG (“the postgraduate group”)
FoG works with issues relating to third cycle studies. FoG acts as a steering committee for supervisors and doctoral educations and works for example with quality assurance aspects.
FoG meets approximately 1/month (2-3 hours) and in addition they meet the educational leader of third cycle studies (“ULF”) twice per semester. Time compensation is 5%.

§ 1.6 Representative in the artistical committe for FFN
The artistical steering committee for FFN. Time compensation is 5%. 

§ 1.7 PhD Student representative in Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts College Steering Committee (“ETKS”)
Meeting every other week between, approx. 2 hours, sometimes extra meetings. Participate in PhD Student Association board meetings. Time compensation is 7%.

§ 1.8 PhD Student representative in the Executive committee for the Department of Health, Education and Technology College Steering Committee (“HLT”)
Meeting once a month approximately 4 hours/a half day, (sometimes extra meetings). Participate in PhD Student Association board meetings. Time compensation is 5 %.

§ 1.9 PhD Student representative in the Executive committee for the Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural resource Engineering College Steering Committee (“SBN”)
As the PhD student representative the executive committee will turn to you for input in matters related to research education, and even though many other subject are discussed at the meetings they will be of personal interest to you and will contribute to furthering your understanding of the inner workings of the department.

The assignment is coupled with a position as PhD student representative in the department Special Group for Research Education. The executive committee meets once a month from September to June and the special group meets more sporadically a few times per year. Participate in PhD Student Association board meetings. Time compensation is 5%.

§ 1.10 PhD Student representative in the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering College Steering Committee (“SRT”)
As a PhD representative at SRT you attend the SRT executive committee meetings (1 hr every 2nd week) and the PhD student association board meetings (2-3 hrs once per month). Once every 2nd year you should arrange a meeting and social event for all the PhD students at SRT where different topics around the PhD studies, work environment,  employment and such are discussed. Other necessary meetings and social gatherings can be arranged on your own initiative if needed. Time compensation 5 %.

§1.11 PhD Student representative in the Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
As a PhD representative at TVM,  you attend the TVM executive committee meetings every four weeks (2-4 h) and the PhD Student Association board meeting. Twice a year, the PhD student representative participates in the introductory course for newly admitted doctoral students at the department (approximately 2 hours) and holds a presentation about the PhD Student Association. In addition, one activity per semester is organized for all PhD students on TVM on your own initiative. Time compensation is 5%.

§ 1.12 PhD student representative in Seth M Kempe stipendiefond at LTU
The purpose of the foundation is to support scientific teaching and research by giving travel grants to members of the Teknologkåren – Student union of engineering at LTU that are living in Västernorrland, Västerbotten or Norrbotten. Under graduate students, graduate students and PhD students are welcome to apply.

The PhD student representative must be fluent in Swedish as he or she has the main responsibility to judge and evaluate the applications according to well established evaluation criteria.

No time compensation is given to the representative. On average, 2-3 meetings are held annually, depending on the available finances, number of applications, discussion on investment policy and choice of investment agency for the capital in the foundation.

§ 1.13 PhD student representative in SACO-S, Luleå University of Technology
As a doctoral student representative in the local SACO board at LTU, you participate regularly in the work of the SACO board and its weekly board meetings. In SACO-S you represent the doctoral students at LTU. This includes handling union matters concerning doctoral students, maintaining contact between SACO and the doctoral student section, and participation in the negotiations of the doctoral students' wage ladder, which is revised once a year. The assignment also includes participation in the doctoral section's board meetings and activities. Time compensation is 5%.

The Nomination Committee is reached via

Wiebke Reim

Wiebke Reim, Associate Senior Lecturer

Phone: +46 (0)920 492079
Organisation: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Business Administration and Industrial Engineering, Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts