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Published: 15 September 2021


Why is it so important?

Most of the communication from the Association (events, newsletter and important announcements) but also from the University is sent to a global email address that we do NOT own any rights to.
In order to receive important information when you start your PhD studies, you need to be added manually to the local PhD email list at your department: ETKS-, HLT-, SBN-, SRT- or TVM-doktorander


📧 How do I know if I'm in the email list?

            It only takes ⏱ 2minutes

1. Check on your ITS Admin internal page STAFF > TOOLS > Passwords, PIN (ITS Admin) in which email lists you are registered. *requires a LTU account

2. If you do not find the PhD email lists there: contact your department administrator at LTU and ask them to be included in your local PhD student list (see how to find their contact below)

3. Here is a template email to send directly to your local LTU administrator 🌟


Who is in charge of the email lists?

The LTU local administrator at your department is in charge of manually adding you to the PhD email list. We cannot do this on their behalf. Find their contact via:

📍 The internal webpage Local Administration. The administrative team for your department (ETKS, HLT, SBN, SRT or TVM) are listed there.
*requires a LTU account

  📍 Asking your supervisor/colleagues who is the local administrator for your division