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Supervisor award

In order to encourage and stimulate high quality supervision of PhD students, the student union together with the PhD student association established the prize “Teknologkårens pris för berömvärda handledarinsatser i forskarutbildningen” (“The student union’s prize for outstanding efforts in the supervision of doctoral students”). As a PhD student at LTU, you now have the opportunity to nominate your supervisor. The prize will be awarded at the Academic ceremony in November. The winner will be selected by a jury consisting of the chairman of the student union and PhD students appointed by the PhD students’ board.

Best PhD supervisor - 2020

Maria Ek Styvén - Business Administration, Technology, Art and Social Sciences (ETKS)

Previous year's best PhD supervisor

2019 Jens Hardell - Engineering Sciences and Mathematics (TVM)
2018 Kentaro UmekiEngineering Sciences and Mathematics (TVM)
2017 Thomas Kuhn - Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering (SRT)
2016 Dick Sandberg - Engineering Sciences and Mathematics (TVM)
2015 Vinit Parida - Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences (ETS)
2014 Lena Alakangas - Civil, Environmental and Natural resources engineering (SBN)
2013 Jurate Kumpiene - Civil, Environmental and Natural resources engineering (SBN)
2012 Roger Johnsson - Civil, Environmental and Natural resources engineering (SBN)
2010 Helena Jonsson - Civil, Environmental and Natural resources engineering (SBN)
2009 Eva Alerby - Arts, Communication and Education (KKL)
2008 Lars-Erik Persson - Engineering Sciences and Mathematics (TVM)

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