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Information for PhD Students

Here is a summary of information that may be good to know about as a PhD student at Luleå University of Technology.

In order to keep you updated on the activities that are arranged for PhD Students, follow the PhD Student Association at facebook.

You can contact the PhD Student representative in the steering group of your department if you are interested of what is arranged or if you have any suggestions. Introductions given to newly admitted PhD Students varies between the departments, your PhD Student representative can give you the information you need

Become a member in the PhD Student Association. The PhD Student Associations is a part of Teknologkåren at Luleå University of Technology. By being a member you will receive, amongst others, the student discounts by Mecenat and also a discounted price for the activities arranged by the PhD Student Association. You will also be helping us affect the conditions for research studies and the content of the research education.

Information to employed PhD Students

As an employed PhD Student you have the same rights as other employees at the university, including wellness grants and occupational healthcare. More information on what is valid for PhD Students is available on the page for third-cycle studies. At the internal personnel web, more general information on your rights is available.


The credits in the salary levels are related to completed course and thesis credits according to the individual study plan. New monthly salary is valid from the month after the new credit level has been reached. For the highest level of the salary a licentiate seminar, alternatively mid seminar or 150 hp are required.

Please note, The doctoral student is responsible for contacting the relevant department administrator for promotion to the highest salary stage in the PhD salary scale.


Salary scale from 01/10/2021

Initial salary: 32.200 kr/month

Licentiate degree, mid-seminar or 150 credits: 37.500 kr/month


Previous agreement salary scale

From 01/01/2021: Initial salary: 31.600 kr/month

Licentiate degree, mid-seminar or 150 credits: 36.800 kr/month


From 1/10/2019: Initial salary: 30.900 kr/month
Licentiate degree, mid-seminar or 150 credits: 35.900 kr/month


From 2018-10-01: Initial salary: 30.300 kr/month
Licentiate degree, mid-seminar or 150 credits: 35.200 kr/month


From 2018-07-01: Starting salary 29 600 kr
Licentiate seminar/mid seminar/150 hp 34 500 kr

*PhD Students that have acquired salary according to previous Level 2 (75 hp) will keep the current salary, although lowest according Level 1 until the requirements for the highest level are fulfilled.


From 2017-10-01 to 2018-06-30: Starting salary 29 600 kr
75 hp 30 000 kr
Licentiate seminar/mid seminar/150 hp 34 500 kr


From 2016-10-01: Starting salary 28 900 kr
75 hp 29 500 kr
150 hp/Licentiate seminar 33 700 kr

*PhD students who has individual salaries are covered by the collective agreement (RALS) and are not part of the wage steps detailed above.


Graduation Premium

The Graduation Premium is 15000 kr. PhD students who dispute their thesis within 4 years of full time studies, and who are employed as PhD students are entitled to the graduation premium.

Information to Scholarship holding PhD students / Other employment forms

Wellness – Stipendiates have no right to wellness grants/Stil card.

Insurance - The prefekt has responsibility for informing the PhD student about the terms that apply for the scholarship. It is important that the PhD student be informed about what insurance coverage applies for the study period. The PhD student shall be informed about the importance of insurance and is encouraged to contact insurance companies to sign their own insurance that covers what the scholarship insurance does not.

LTU has signed a collective insurance “Swedish State Group Insurance and Personal Insurance” at Kammarkollegiet for scholarship holding PhD students. The insurance includes disability and death benefits, medical and dental care cover, home transport, property cover, liability cover and legal expenses cover. The terms of the insurance can be found on the employee web.

Sickness - Scholarship holding PhD students from countries outside the European Union only has access to emergency healthcare. Further care has to be sought in the home country. Because of this it may be necessary with a private health insurance. For possible right to sick pay contact Försäkringskassan

Scholarship Amount - The lowest amount paid by the scholarship is the same as Level 1 of the PhD wage steps with taxes deducted. The scholarship for PhD studies is paid every third month.

Ph.D. student representative

Do you feel a need to discuss your employment situation, your supervisor, or similar with a non-partial person, you can contact the Ph.D. student representative.