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The PhD Student Section is working on prevention of health

Published: 16 August 2017

The PhD Student Section has focused on health, wellness and work environment in recent years, as important issues for recruiting and retaining PhD students. Martin Karlsson, PhD student in Human Work Science, is the new chairman and describes what activities will take place this autumn.

During the fall, a series of targeted activities on the same theme will take place. For example a lecture on stress management and an event about the importance of communication with supervisors.

– There has been a feeling that many PhD students have been reported sick due to stress and stress symptoms. Therefore, we decided to work proactively with lectures. We will also look at how the infrastructure can be improved and if mentorship programs can be a support. In the autumn we will conduct a survey and a workshop among our members to find out the needs, says Martin Karlsson.

The PhD Student Section organises all university students in the university, and is formally a section within the Technology Council. An important part of the assignment of the board is to create meeting places for doctoral students.

– We are represented almost everywhere in the university organisation and have the opportunity to give our views on things. We also want to offer PhD students a social forum through activities centrally and at the departments. In this way we can create a context and support, says Martin Karlsson. 

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