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08:45 3 Sep
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Career Planning Workshop for PhD Students

3 Sep. 2019, 08:45 - 19:00
Luleå, LTU
Published: 14 August 2019

Have you thought of continuing your career outside the academia after graduation? Would you like to learn how to market yourself? Meet HR and managers from some of the largest employers of graduated PhD Students? If the answer is yes, then you should take the opportunity and sign up for this one-day workshop full of interesting presentations!

The PhD student association is pleased to be able to invite PhD students and postdocs to this one-day workshop on career planning here at LTU. During the day there will be interesting and educational lectures on how you can become more attractive on the job market after dissertation. There will also be presentations by HR and managers from some of the largest companies and research institutes that employ doctoral students.


08:45-09:00, E244      Opening of the workshop, Maria Rodiouchkina
09:00-10:30, E244      Tim Foster will be talking about what makes you a brand,                                                 SWOT Yourself, setting objectives (career and life), STRATEGY:                                       What it takes to get you to the interview; how to “shine” at the                                          interview.
10:30-10:45                 Coffee break
10:45-12:00, E244      Heather Jacksic will be talking about how to market your skills                                          on your CV, Cover letter and LinkedIn. 
12:00-13:00                 Lunch at Boassin in Centrumrestaurangen
13:00-14:45, B192      Heather Jacksic will be talking about how to effectively pitch                                            your research with time allotted for practice.
14:45-15:00                 Coffee break
15:00-17:00, B192      Presentations by HR and managers from industries and                                                   research institutes such as LKAB, Volvo Group, SNS Centre for                                       Business and Policy Studies.They will talk about their                                                         experience with the recruitment process, about their workplace,                                       etc. and answer your questions.    
17:00-19:00                Mingle and dinner @UNIK.

Do you want to participate online/on distance?
Sign up and select yes in the checkbox for participating online. Then you will receive a link for the workshop a few days before.

Sign up:
The workshop is free of charge for all PhD Students at LTU. However, if you sign up and do not attend without informing us a week in advance, your projects will be invoiced with 500 SEK. Deadline for signing up is Sunday 25th of August. Sign up at the link below where you can choose to sign up for the full day or just for specific presentations.