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08:30 4 Nov
åsa burman

Workshop: Academic Effectiveness with Åsa Burman

4 Nov. 2019, 08:30 - 12:00
Luleå, C305
Published: 16 September 2019

In this workshop, you will learn about and try a variety of academic effectiveness tools related to both long-term and short-term planning as well as prioritization.


The objective is to provide doctoral students with academic productivity tools to support them in finishing their dissertation on time and reducing negative stress. The tools in this workshop relate specifically to planning your work and evaluating your progress. It is possible to participate online for PhD Students at other campuses (mark yes in the check box for distance when signing-up).

This workshop builds on the workshop ”From efficiency to effectiveness” given two years ago at Luleå University of Technology. In that workshop, we covered the 80/20 principle, end-product focus, and working in units. This workshop covers tools related to short-, medium-, and long-term planning; different types of goals (e.g. content goals and process goals); and how to use specific goals to plan your work and evaluate your progress. You will also learn more about Parkinson’s law and working in cycles.

One doctoral student described these tools as “an aid for going from vague feelings of discomfort about something left to be done to clear plans and noticeable steps forward.”


08.30-9.30: Repetition and follow-up workshop 1
9.30-10.15: The project plan
Coffee break
10.30-11.10: SMART goals
Short break
11.15-12.00: Working in cycles

(You can attend this workshop even if you did not participate in workshop 1.)


Åsa Burman, PhD and former management consultant at McKinsey & Company. Fulbright Scholar and Director of Studies at the Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University, and with extensive experience from participating in academic productivity teaching at the University of California, Berkeley.