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Gary Egbert

Publicerad: 6 maj 2021

Gästforskare: Professor Gary D. Egbert, Oregon State University, USA

LTU-värd: Maxim Smirnov, docent i prospekteringsgeofysik, SBN
Besökets varaktighet: 1 månad
Uppskattat datum för besöket: 1 februari 2022 - 28 februari 2022

Short biography of the visiting scholar

Gary Egbert is a Professor at Oregon State University with degrees in Mathematics (BA), Statistics (MS) and Geophysics (PhD).   Over a 35-year research career he has worked in both electromagnetic (EM) geophysics, and physical oceanography, using multivariate statistics, numerical modeling, and inverse methods.  Motivated by a range of specific real world problems, from electrical conductivity of the Earth to ocean tides, he has developed 3D inversion and data assimilation methodologies that have found broader applications.

Aim and scope of the visit

The main objectives of the research visit are: to continue development of robust multivariate analysis of geophysical measurements with incomplete and missing data. Multi resolution inversion of geophysical data with geological a priori information; to prepare Geophysical modelling/inversion course material in the form of detailed lecture notes (or a monograph) for later use during teaching and research activities; to introduce LTU staff to 3-D modelling/inversion software ModEM and continue development of common 3-D modelling/inversion framework.