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Juan Antelo
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Juan Antelo

Publicerad: 2 maj 2022

Gästforskare: Juan Antelo, seniorforskare, CRETUS, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spanien

LTU host: Ivan Carabante, Associate Professor Waste Science and Technology, SBN
Duration of visit: 2 months 
Estimated date(s) of visit: April-May, 2022 and September 2022

Short biography

Dr. Juan Antelo is a senior researcher at the Cross-disciplinary Research in Environmental Technologies (CRETUS) at the University of Santiago de Compostela, and a member of the AMBIOSOL research excellence group. His research is mainly oriented to the field of environmental geochemistry and soil chemistry. Dr. Antelo’s research interest includes surface chemistry of mineral oxides and natural organic matter, geochemical processes in polluted sites, acid mine drainage, design of sustainable remediation solutions, and the valorization of by-products and waste materials. 

Aim and Scope of the visit

Dr Juan Antelo has collaborated with the group of Waste Science and Technology in the last years. The main objective of this visit is to consolidate this collaboration by finalizing on going publications and new project proposals. Dr Juan Antelo will also introduce new research approaches and contribute in the supervision of PhD student. He will disseminate his science in courses and seminars as well as meet relevant researches during his stay at LTU.