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Julie Cool
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Julie Cool

Publicerad: 2 maj 2022

Gästforskare: Julie Cool, docent, University of British Columbia, Kanada

LTU host: Magnus Fredriksson, Senior lecturer, Wood Science and Engineering, TVM 
Duration of visit: 1 month
Estimated date(s) of visit: May 1-31, 2022               

Short biography:

Dr. Julie Cool is an Associate Professor in Sawmilling Optimization at The University of British Columbia (UBC). Her research focuses on optimizing the wood-tool interaction to improve product quality, minimize energy consumption, reduce waste and eliminate unnecessary manufacturing operations, develop data-driven approaches to quality control, and understand how forest management practices impact volume and value recoveries in sawmills using both external and internal scanning technologies. Dr. Cool has published her findings in peer-reviewed journals.

Aim and scope of the visit  

The aim of the visit from Dr. Cool is to highlight, via seminars and meetings, how the expertise found at UBC and LTU is complementary and identify paths for collaborative research, which could lead to significant improvements in effective forest resources transformation of wood products (e.g., minimize waste production and energy consumption) in both Sweden and Canada, thus fostering a sustainable wood industry and society at a large-scale.