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Tanja Joona Foto: Privat
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Tanja Leena Joona

Publicerad: 6 maj 2021

Gästforskare: seniorforskare Tanja Leena Joona, Lapplands universitet, Finland

LTU-värd: Johan Sandström, professor i redovisning och styrning, ETS
Besökslängd: 4 veckor
Beräknat datum för besöket: 6 september 2021 - 19 september 2021 och 18 oktober 2021 - 31 oktober 2021

Short biography of the visiting scholar

Tanja Joona is a Senior researcher at the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland. She is the Finnish Institutional leader of the H2020 project JustNorth (2020-2023): Toward Just, Ethical and Sustainable Arctic Economies, Environments and Societies. Joona’s research here concentrates on wind power, mining and reindeer herding. Joona’s main interest is the Arctic region, with comparative legal and political aspects of indigenous Sámi society, dealing with traditional livelihoods, international human rights law and identity questions in the context of justice and equality."