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"It's about designing products that last forever"

Published: 14 September 2022

The wear-and-throw era is over, already when the product is produced. At Luleå University of Technology, we are now focusing in one of our future investments on how we can move towards a more circular economy, while at the same time utilising the advantages of digitisation, two important pieces of the puzzle to succeed in the green transition.

Together with our partners in industry, we develop new methods that reduce resource use and increase competitiveness. We cannot continue to produce and consume at the rate we have done so far. Products must last longer, and we must recycle, upgrade and reuse instead of buying new.

– The collaboration with Luleå University of Technology gives us better knowledge of how our product is affected in the customer's environment and that way we can optimise lifespan and reuse, says Michael Svensson, Manager Technology Centres of Expertise at SKF.

– ABB has set ambitious sustainability goals for the entire company, where circularity plays an important role as an enabler, says Shiva Sander-Tavallaey, Senior Principal Scientist, Applied Analytics, at ABB.

– It is so much more fun to be an engineer today because our role nowadays is to "save the world". Now the engineer must find new ways to manufacture products in a sustainable way, produce sustainable electricity and to only use materials that are renewable and non-toxic, while being simple and cheap to produce, says Roland Larsson, scientific leader for the future area Creaternity at Luleå University of Technology.

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