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Additively manufactured materials using ultrasound (QCAM)

The goal of the project is to develop methods for non-destructive evaluation of the AM material properties, based on ultrasound measurement.

Additive manufactured products - towards a digital twin

In this project, the goal is to develop a digital twin for additive manufacturing. The digital twin is a virtual representation of the additive manufacturing process and can be used to ensure the quality of additive manufactured products.

Circular business – what does it take to contribute to a transition towards a circular economy?

We conduct research that explores and explains how businesses and industries implement circular principles.

LTU karta med sensorer
Digital twins for sustainable facility management

This research project aims to deepen the understanding of how our decision-making from the design phase and forward affects the circularity of a construction. The study will use a digital twin of the campus to study and analyse how its spaces are utilised compared to the actual building from the standpoint of standardised circular feedback and sustainable facility management.

Membrane distillation and blackwater
Energy and nutrient local food production (ENSYM)

ENSYM is a project focused in the heat and mass transfer in the concentration of blackwater for production of a sustainable urban fertilizer.

Experimental Mechanics – Digital Twin

Connected industry - Development of tools for real-time interaction Digital twins with physical systems and integrate models based on empirical data

Sustainable and Circular Nuclear Energy through Advanced Materials and Tribology Research (CiNEMaT)

Characterization, advanced manufacturing and tribological testing of materials to support design of a Swedish GenIV lead-cooled research reactor. The research project is an integrated part of the SUNRISE research centre.

Sustainable URban FERtilizer – SURFER (2021-2024)

Within the SURFER project we are contributing with new knowledge for development of safe treatment and recycling of nutrients from blackwater, for production of a sustainable urban fertilizer.

Sustainable Solid-State Lithium-ion Batteries -SSSLiB

The SSSLiB project provide additional avenues for the use of biomass or waste materials in solid-state lithium-ion batteries and create a systematic database to track material and energy flows from biomass/waste feed stocks to battery recycling, developing fully sustainable solid-state batteries Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.

Marina Corvo Alguacil, PhD student.
Sustainable enErgy efficiEnt hybriD compoSites (SEEDS)

Sustainable and economically viable carbon fiber composites.

Space Junk Image
Space debris: In search of circularity for reuse of satellite material

Circularity and Sustainability in Space: The Case of Spacecraft Materials