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Advanced mining training in the north gives young job

Young people in Finland and Sweden are given the opportunity for advanced training in natural resource and mining area into a new "Nordic Mining School" It is a collaboration between Luleå University of Technology and University of Oulu and a way to secure the skills and mineral supply in Europe.

Pär Weihed, professor of ore geology at the university and head of Nordic Mining School

- We envision a region with strong growth potential in the mining and exploration industry and the need for skilled labor will be high for the foreseeable future, says Pär Weihed, professor of ore geology at Luleå University of Technology and head of Nordic Mining School.

The basis for this is that Europe, which is one of the most import depending areas, face major challenges in terms of mineral supply. 14 critical metals that are important to Europe's competitiveness has been listed by the EU Commission. Several of these include iron, copper, zinc, chromium, gold and silver produced in the Nordic countries, especially in Finland and Sweden. In parallel, fewer young people go to study science and technology after high school at a time when the need for more educated is increasing rather than decreasing.

In order to ensure re-growth has Luleå University of Technology and University of Oulu started Nordic Mining School, whose start-up funded by the EU Interreg IVA North. The school offers students at both universities courses at advanced level with the possibility of a degree from both universities, make a so called double degree. They can choose courses in geology, mineral processing, mining engineering and metallurgy, and thus get broad knowledge that is attractive both in the Nordic region and internationally. A joint professorship in 'mineral entrepreneaurship "was established in the Nordic Mining School. Dr. Timo Lindborg with years of experience will give students knowledge of the economics if you want to start and run businesses in the mining and exploration industry.

- This is an important initiative which demonstrates the willingness of both universities to collaborate in education in an industry that means a lot for the region, says Pär Weihed.


Published: 27 March 2011

Updated: 24 May 2016


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