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Published: 10 February 2012

Luleå is famous for its archipelago, with over 1,312 islands and rocky islets. On some of the islands, there are places that offer both food and accommodation. During the Summer, there is regular traffic to the many of the islands.

Brändöskär 1390.jpg
Snowmobiles are a popular method of transport in the Winter.

The Luleå archipelago forms part of the coast that stretches from Västerbotten in the South, to the Finnish border in the North East. Here you can find rich and unusual plant and bird life which is interesting from an earth sciences perspective.

The archipelago is important to Luleå's outdoor life, and it offers sailing activities, swimming, culture studies, fishing, rambling, berry picking and general recreational activities. On many of the islands there are hiking trails, barbecue areas and sheltered places.


Activities all year round
Even in the wintertime there is a lot to do in the Luleå archipelago. Ice roads are ploughed where you can walk or go ice skating. There is also the possibility to go dogsledding, book snowmobile safaris, snowshoe walking, fishing trips, hovercraft tours and other experiences in the archipelago.