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The Space University of Sweden

Welcome to Sweden's Space University. Learn more about our research; the building of miniaturized satellites and development of space technology, and how our researchers are involved in looking for life on Mars.
Luleå University of Technology has Sweden's only Master Programme in Space Engineering, as well as several Master programmes within the space field.

Dvärgplaneten Ceres, saltkrater, LTU, Luleås tekniska universitet
Luleå University of Technology leads ESA study of space mission to land on dwarf planet Ceres

As part of the selection process for the next M7-mission of the European Space Agency (ESA), the mission CALICO, led by Luleå University of Technology, was selected for further study. CALICO (Ceres Autonomous Lander Into Crater Occator) is a proposal for a mission that aims to land on dwarf planet Ceres to analyse its surface material and activity.

Jessica Meir, NASA astronaut and Honorary Doctor at Luleå University of Technology
Weightlessness, Spider-Man and new perspectives

Jessica Meir spent 205 days in space on the International Space Station. She is a NASA astronaut, a marine biologist, and a physiologist. Jessica Meir is also Honorary Doctor at Luleå University of Technology.

rymdteknik film
Satellites, math and space

– meet two students studying space technology!

Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech
Fine dust on the surface of Mars

There is a very thin layer of very fine, loose material on top of Mars’ soil. By using data from NASA’s Mars lander InSight, researchers been able to resolve an extremely thin layer of soil. – Soil on Mars behaves in peculiar ways, we need to understand that before we colonise Mars, says Axel Hagermann, Professor of Atmospheric Science at Luleå University of Technology and co-author of an article addressing the new findings.

Alexis Bohlin, Luleå University of Technology
Unique research provides greener rocket propulsion systems

The number of rocket launches expects to increase in the future. Alexis Bohlin, researcher in Space Systems at Luleå University of Technology, wants to contribute to greener rocket engine fuel and components that provide less climate impact. – The goal is to improve the efficiency and reduce emissions of modern rocket technology, says Alexis Bohlin.

Kvinnor i rymdsektorn filmbild
Women in the space sector

Meet Theresia Hestad, Space Engineering student at Luleå University of Technology, and Sofia Bergman, PhD student at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics, IRF.

KvarkenSat, Luleå University of Technology
Swedish-Finnish collaboration sends satellite to space

A collaboration between Swedish and Finnish universities and research institutes will result in a nanosatellite, KvarkenSat, being launched into orbit around the Earth. The satellite is built by researchers at Luleå University of Technology and will provide various actors with space data.

Student projects

They build satellites and space instruments and get to use their theoretical knowledge in exciting practical projects. Read more about some of all the space projects that our space students run.

Photo: NASA
Atmospheric Science

Research focusing on the Earth's and other planetary bodies' interactions with the surrounding environment.

Rymdtekniska system
Onboard Space Systems

Research focused on design, development, assembly, qualification, testing and operation of ground, space and launch segments.