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Meet our researchers

Some of our professors at Luleå University of Technology talk about how they want to solve technical and societal challenges.

Photo: Tomas Bergman
Can intelligent systems solve human tasks?

Marcus Liwicki, Professor of Machine Learning.

Photo: Tomas Bergman
Facilitates the extraction of energy-critical metals

Christina Wanhainen, Professor in Ore Geology.

Photo: Tomas Bergman
Want to create innovations that provide better health

Fredrik Nikolajeff, Professor of Medical Technology.

Jessica K Ljungberg
"The brain is like any muscle"

Jessica K. Ljungberg, Professor of Engineering Psychology.

Maria Ek Styvén - installation
The goal is to understand customers and their needs

Maria Ek Styvén, professor of industrial marketing.

Photo: Tomas Bergman
"Our language can make norms visible"

Cathrine Norberg, Professor of English

Photo: Tomas Bergman
Are helping mining companies to automate maintenance

Behzad Ghodrati, Professor in Operation and Maintenance Engineering.

Photo: Tomas Bergman
"Collective action can solve global challenges"

Simon Matti, Professor of Political Science.

Photo: Tomas Bergman
Want to build bridges between academia and society

Malin Lindberg, Professor of Gender and Technology

Ulrika Bergmark
"Together we work for an even better school"

Ulrika Bergmark, professor of pedagogy.

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