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Photo: Simon Eliasson

Lindbäcksstadion – practical application

The practical work in the project is based on an innovative ski and snow lab that SOC has established together with Luleå University of Technology at Lindbäcksstadion in Piteå.

The unique facilities in the lab include a ski workshop, two interconnected indoor halls with snow and an outdoor facility with cross-country trails.

The ski workshop contains advanced equipment for grinding and waxing, including a grinding machine for preparing skis to be used in test contexts.
In the two large indoor halls (20x400 m and 100x100 m respectively) there are measuring points for the practical application. The facilities are already used, among other things, for testing tires for the international car industry, and the university's researchers also participate in projects linked to this.

Indoor environment an advantage

Rikard Larsson, former wax technician for the cross-country national team, has been employed by SOC as head of the practical activities in the lab at Lindbäcksstadion.
– The advantage of the indoor environment is that you get the same condition in each test round. We get standardized answers, which is an incredible asset in the development part, Rikard Larsson explains.
The national waxing teams for biathlon and cross-country skiing are part of the initiative and will have access to the facility.