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Five million to the Arctic Snow Academy

Published: 12 December 2017

Luleå University of Technology will lead a newly started snow academy, starting in 2018. The focus is primarily on snow knowledge, for the benefit of the vehicle and tire testing industry and the ski industry.

– There is so much practical knowledge in the vehicle and tire testing industry and in ski resorts about snow. We want to take care of the acquired practical knowledge and put science on it to come even further with regard to knowledge about snow, says Johan Casselgren, Assistant Professor of Experimental Mechanics at Luleå University of Technology and one of the leaders of the Snow Academy.

The goal of the Snow Academy is to briefly understand the material snow. How do you make snow so that it has the same characteristics as natural snow? For the automotive industry, the friction is associated with snow that is interesting, for the ski industry it is the production of snow that is in focus.

– Tire manufacturers want to understand the snow better in order to develop better winter tires to make transportation safer. For the ski industry, we are talking about skiing, even though the climate is getting warmer, says Johan Casselgren.

The snow academy is financed by Tillväxtverket, Region Norrbotten, Sparbanken Nord, four vehicles and tire testing companies and five municipalities in Norrbotten Piteå, Älvsbyn, Jokkmokk, Arvidsjaur and Arjeplog and Luleå University of Technology. The two researchers responsible for the Snow Academy are Nina Lintzén, Geotechnical Researcher and Johan Casselgren. For the project that initially lasts for three years, a doctoral student will be employed.