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Student projects are linked to the ski and snow lab

Published: 4 June 2021

During the year, a number of student projects were carried out in direct connection with the newly started ski and snow lab at Luleå University of Technology.

- We let students test ideas that we ourselves have thoughts about doing, and depending on how it turns out for them, it gives us indications of what it would mean for us if we put our teeth into it later, says Kalle Kalliorinne, doctoral student at Luleå University of Technology and supervisor for student projects. He says that the students' work is of high quality.

- We have learned a lot from the students' projects, so it must be a measure of quality. I also believe that students are inspired when there are sharp projects and there is a lot to do so it is good that they can help.

Student projects linked to the ski and snow lab

Digital Ski:

A dissertation that is about digitizing a ski with the help of photographs and test materials. The method that Juan García-Ovies Menéndez has developed is based on two photographs of the ski being taken from different angles. An algorithm then analyzes the images to create manageable data that enables the construction of a 3D model of the ski. The model is then digitally loaded and compared with experimental results to calibrate material parameters.

Ski characterization:

Myrna Carolina Cortes Morales has worked to characterize the coating on skis. She has tested many different characterization methods to be able to distinguish conditions such as different grinding and herding. Among other things, she has worked with looking at the surface energy of the ski and its topographies.

Ski sled:

In the last study period of its third year, a group of students from the mechanical engineering program had the project of improving the cornering ability of a ski sled used for testing skis. They have designed a sled from the ground up which, with the help of “ski suspensions” (wheel suspension fixed for skis), should be able to be more flexible in the track and thereby reduce the risk of derailment.


Kalle Kalliorinne

Kalliorinne, Kalle - PhD Student

Organisation: Machine Elements, Machine Elements, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics