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Kiruna centrum
Urban transformation of the Arctic cities Kiruna and Malmberget

Researchers at Luleå University of Technology, as well as international researchers, are involved in the major urban transformation of the Arctic cities Kiruna and Malmberget. Interdisciplinary research, in close collaboration with the municipalities as well as a large number of companies, will develop innovative, sustainable solutions for the construction of the new cities.

Creative and sustainable urban transformation

Kiruna Sustainability Center is the name of a new innovation platform for testing and evaluating new creative solutions for a sustainable society. Luleå University of Technology will contribute to recycling and waste solutions, energy systems, socioeconomic analyses, industrial construction, social sustainability and innovative traffic solutions.

gröna tak
In the media: Green roofs in northern Sweden

An article by Joel Lönnqvist, Godecke Blecken and Maria Viklander, VA technology at Luleå University of Technology.


Luleå University of Technology is participating in a new, unique collaboration with universities in Norway and Finland about the Arctic.