Creative methods

Published: 12 December 2007

In the functional product development perspective, the development is often carried out in cross-functional teams, where the participants have different skills necessary for the task at hand.

To develop an innovative solution for a function, the team has to "think together", i.e. build on each others ideas and use the accumulated knowledge of the team.

We call these teams for "Tiger Teams" and in order to ease the process of supporting the teams we have developed methods to facilitate creative meetings in cross-functional teams.

Example of the initiation cards
Example of the initiation cards

Method cards

To ease the facilitation of theses "Tiger Teams", we have developed 60 method cards; X functional knowledge creation. The cards have three main areas "Introduction", "Ideation" and ""Iteration".

  • Introduction - is an introduction and warm-up the team so they get into the right mood. The methods prepares the team and also acts as warm-up.
  • Ideation - is the phase where the solution space expands, here all new ideas are welcome. The method cards contains methods for brainstorming and creative thinking.
  • Iteration - here we evaluate the ideas that have sprung out from the work, to find pros and cons.

Development and evaluation

The method cards are partly developed within the Faste Laboratory in the project "Radical Innovation", which is a part of the "Faste Excellent Capabilities" work package. The methods have been developed in an iterative process where we test the methods in real, industrial, "Tiger Teams". We have used the cards in a number of industrial workshops within the Faste Laboratory.

If you are interested in how the "Radical Innovation Workshop" concept would work for you, contact  Peter Törlind or Andreas Larsson.