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A state-transition model of team conceptual design activity (2019)

Martinec. T, Škec. S, Horvat. N, Štorga. M
Research in Engineering Design, Vol. 30, nr. 1, s. 103-132

Contrasting Divergent and Convergent Thinking by Electroencephalography and Eye Tracking (2019)

Laspia. A, Montagna. F, Törlind. P
Ingår i: Research into Design for a Connected World, Proceedings of ICoRD 2019 Volume 1, s. 179-188, 2019, Chapter 16
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Determining the Life Cycle Phase of a Technology Based on Patent Data (2019)

Smojver. V, Štorga. M, Potočki. E
Technical Gazette, Vol. 26, nr. 1, s. 222-229

Drivers and Guidelines in Design for Qualification using Additive Manufacturing in Space Applications (2019)

Dordlofva. C, Borgue. O, Panarotto. M, Isaksson. O
Ingår i: Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED19), s. 729-738, The Design Society, 2019

Implementation of integrated learning experiences and active learning in a creative concept development course (2019)

Törlind. P
Ingår i: 7:e Utvecklingskonferensen för Sveriges ingenjörsutbildningar, 2019

Improving Written Communication (2019)

Implementation at Industrial Design Engineering
Törlind. P
Ingår i: Proceedings of the 15th International CDIO Conference, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark, June 25 – 27, 2019., 2019
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Process Modularity Over Time (2019)

Modeling Process Execution as an Evolving Activity Network
Parraguez. P, Piccolo. S, Perišić. M, Štorga. M, Maier. A
IEEE transactions on engineering management
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The dynamics of design (2019)

exploring heterogeneity in meso-scale team processes
Cash. P, Škec. S, Štorga. M
Design Studies, Vol. 64, s. 124-153
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Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation of Product Development Teams (2018)

Perišić. M, Štorga. M, Podobnik. V
Technical Gazette, Vol. 25, nr. 2, s. 524-532
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An Assessment Model for Production Innovation (2018)

The Program Production2030
Larsson. L, Stahre. J, Warrol. C, Rönnbäck. A
Procedia Manufacturing, Vol. 25, s. 134-141
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Composing the innovation management symphony (2018)

A note on the 2017 ISPIM Innovation Conference in Vienna
Tynnhammar. M, Kokshagina. O, Schneider. S
Technovation, Vol. 74-75, s. 66-66