Luleå Winter Workshop

Published: 9 December 2008

2008-12: A workshop on conducting scientifically rigorous research using the design observatory.

During week 47 an international workshop was held with the goal to explore methodologies for scientifically sound research experiments in the design observatory. Neeraj Sonalkar and Malte Jung, both visiting doctoral students from Stanford University, facilitated this workshop or as they expressed it themselves; prototyped it together with the rest of the participants. Malte and Neeraj shared their research methodology, VInMe, Video Interaction Methodology. An underpinning aspect of the workshop was that there is not just one way of doing research but many and the point of this workshop was to share the experiences.


During the week a whole cycle of a research project was performed, downsized so that it would fit during one week. The goal was to share experiences of doing observations and video analysis and also to design experiments and understand what to think about in these situations.


The week started off with all participants clarifying their foundation and passion in their respective research areas so that we would, as a group understand the different research interests in the upcoming experiments. During the week we also touched on how to explore interesting aspects of a design session and how to research these aspects more rigorously. A video meeting finished off the week. Representatives from CADlab in Zagreb, Politacnico di Torino, Bath University and Grenoble Institute of Technology participated in the meeting.

The participants in the workshop were; Philip Cash Bath University, Hanh Vu-Thi and Serap Arikoglu from Grenoble Institute of Technology, Neeraj Sonalkar and Malte Jung visiting doctoral students from Stanford University and Mattias Bergström from Luleå University of Technology. From LTU, Peter Törlind and Andreas Larsson also participated in parts of the workshop.

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