Published: 4 September 2008

2008-09: During three days, the division spent time in a cottage in Vuoggatjålme in order to plan for the upcoming opportunities and challenges during the autumn regarding research, education, and collaboration.

Fantastic nature!

Thoroughly rested and equipped with new inspiration we will meet the challenges this autumn. A quick sum up of our activities during the spring shows that we are on our way towards our goals. That is fun! During the autumn we anticipate to meet new students, new co-workers and have the pleasure to kick-off new projects. Shortly, the kick-or for ProViking THINK, Teams for Heterogeneous Innovation Knowledge, will be done. The aim for the project is to support development teams and their innovation processes by facilitating methods and tools. Methods to create a good climate to spur creativity and collaboration are well in line with our research areas, and are also something that our industrial partners ask for. The industrial representatives can by participation in workshops try out and test some of these methods in ‘real’ situations, a number of workshops are already booked. We will continue our work in the international research team for Product-Service Systems, PSS, next meeting is in Grenoble, France.

The autumn will be exciting, nice!

Let's roll, Tobias