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Tamara Carleton and William Cockayne.

Workshop: Foresight & Design

Published: 18 August 2008

Dr. William Cockayne and Tamara Carleton from Stanford University's Center for Foresight and Innovation comes to Luleå University of Technology on November 4-5 to lead a workshop on the topic of "Foresight & Design".

The workshop is described in the following way:

"This workshop gives participants a new set of tools for and experience in long-range innovation for developing strategic business opportunities. You will explore critical foresight, anticipatory research, and comprehensive design within teams and identify prospects for increasing the level of innovation in your business. Multiple exercises enable hands-on learning, with examples drawn from a wide array of industry studies and on-going projects at Stanford University."

The workshop is performed with financial support from the Faste Laboratory, the Kempe Foundations and the Division of Functional Product Development.

For more information about the workshop, please contact Andreas Larsson (, +46 70 332 18 74.