Johan on internship in Silicon Valley

Published: 6 October 2011

Johan Holmqvist was in the summer of innovation practice in Herring Icon Valley bonded program International Innovation Practice (IIP), sponsored by VINNOVA

PhD student Johan Holmqvist, functional products, has studied entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley under a few intense weeks in the summer. What strikes one here is people's willingness to take risks and believe in their product plus the ability to network and establish business contacts - very inspiring, he says.

San Francisco Bay Area is the place for entrepreneurs who are struggling to transform his life's work in successful businesses. Here, Google, Facebook and Apple have emerged. Bay Area is also known to have given birth to several prominent companies in the medical field. Johan Holmqvist attended Vinnova programs IIP - International Innovation Practice a Summer Institute, organized in collaboration with Stanford University and Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. The program has been initiated to increase the Swedish researchers' understanding of entrepreneurship and business creation.

- We were 25-30 Swedes who worked in the company involved in everything from technology development to help operations, says Johan who worked in a small start-up firms telomere Health Inc., founded by Nobel laureate in medicine, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn. We have much to learn from how Americans care for their networks. The range of networking-events in the evenings is great, and risk-taking and motivation of new entrepreneurs here are high. You become inspired to try to find yourself on where the idea of ​​starting a company around, but it will tell.

Telomere Health, Inc., develops techniques for measuring the lengths of the ends of chromosomes in the body and thereby through to see if an individual has an increased risk of many diseases, for example. cancer. John was part of Dr. Blackburn's team.

His duties included among other business development and it gave him experience of the conditions for a startup company. For Johan, who collaborate with global large company Volvo Construction Equipment in his dissertation work, this resulted in new perspective on entrepreneurship.

- Please contact us if you want to know more about the program and how it is to work in Silicon Valley so we book an "informational" as it is known in the Bay Area, says Johan Holmqvist as likely to visit California more times.


Photo: Johan Holmqvist