Presentation of product development

Published: 22 June 2011

On June 16, Peter Törlind a presentation for high school youths who work as summer interns at LTU. Peter told about product development and showed several examples of how different companies are developing products and the difficulties they face today. Students also had the opportunity to go through 4I4I process.

The summer  interns has a mission to model some of the LTU in Google Earth and at the same time get some information about research and education conducted at the University.

The presentation was devoted to going through 4I4I (a simple evolutionary process that has been developed to research the topic Functional Products) in an interactive manner. The audience was for one hour theory both theoretically and practically go through the steps of 4I4I.

The students started from a problem that annoys them in everyday life, and the problems ranged from mygbett, microwave ovens that do not heat food in the middle of the food box, transport does not run on time, etc.. These problems were written about in order to identify the needs behind the problem.

The next step was to identify a 'mission statement' what should we develop? Identify constraints and what the goal is. The various groups developed including these: "Develop a system that ensures that mygbett not itch," "Develop a dense, stylish lunch box that heats the food as evenly as possible."

In the third step, idea generation students developed solutions that respond to their needs. In a very short time so the students managed to go from going from problem, to identify needs images, limiting the problem, and develop the about 10 ideas ideas.

The lecture was very upskattad and here are some examples of feedback: