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Welcome to the The PhD Student Association

Published: 31 January 2018


The purpose of the PhD Student Association at Luleå University of Technology is to protect the interests of PhD students in general, as well as to participate in the development of the PhD education. Primarily, is this done through ensuring PhD student representation in the various administrative bodies of the university, such as the University Board and Faculty Boards. The PhD Student Association also has representatives in the Department Steering Committees, providing increased opportunities to monitor student affairs at the departmental level.

The Section Board

The section board manages ongoing activities within the PhD Student Association and consists of a chairman, secretary and at least three other members. Primarily discusses current issues in boards and committees where the section is represented.

Part of the Student Union

The PhD Student Association is one of LTU Student Union's seven sections and holds 2 of the 35 seats in the Student Union Council, which is the Student Union's highest governing body. All major strategic decisions are made at the Student Union Council meetings held about eight times a year. Because the Student Union is represented in virtually all decision-making groups at Luleå University of Technology, for example, the University Board and Faculty Boards, the PhD Student Association enjoys an additional channel of influence beyond the Associations own representation. The Student Union's main activities include addressing social, educational and student welfare issues.