Case study methods 7,5 credits FOR024F

Published: 9 January 2017



Course name: Case study methods


Course code: FOR024F

Education cycle: Doctoral level

Course syllabus is decided by: Sara Thorgren

Examiner: professor Johan Sandström

Entry requirements: Accepted as doctoral student at Luleå University of Technology (LTU). Subject to availability, employees at LTU and persons accepted as doctoral students at other university colleges/universities can also enroll the course.

Intented learning outcomes:

Knowledge and understanding

After finalizing the course, the doctoral student shall demonstrate a deepened:

  • Knowledge of assumptions behind, and the practical application of, different case study methods.
  • Understanding of theory development and production of knowledge based on case studies.

Skill and ability

After finalizing the course, the doctoral student shall:

  • Independently be able to plan and carry through a research process based on case study methods.

Ability to critically reflect and evaluate

After finalizing the course, the doctoral student has an ability to critically reflect upon:

  • Basic assumptions behind different case study methods.
  • How choice of case study method influence theory development and the production of knowledge.

Course content: The course is based on case study methods as developed in the social sciences (cf. Yin 2014), but these methods are also, and can also be, applied by scholars in other fields. The course is divided into four parts. The first part is based on reading Robert Yin’s classic book on case study research and of a discussion on the view of case study research advocated by Yin (and company). The following two meetings focus on learning about different approaches to case study research by critically reading and discussing other scholars’ case study research. The last meeting focuses on individual assignments chosen by the participating students in collaboration with the examiner.

Course methods: The course is based on literature studies, individual writing, and four mandatory, full-day (9.00-15.00) seminars at Luleå campus.

Examination format: The participants are examined through four individual written assignments and active participation at four mandatory seminars.

Grading scale: Pass/Fail


Yin, Robert K. (2014) Case study research. Design and methods. Thousands Oaks: Sage. (240 pages)

12-15 scientific articles (about 180-225 pages).

Course period: lp 2, 2019.

Send application to: Include personal number, LTU department and all contact information in the message. Application due on Oct 1, 2019.

Contact person: professor Johan Sandström (, 0920-493113)